• Aavegotchi, an open-source NFT gaming protocol, is introducing the Forge upgrade to increase engagement with wearables.
• The Forge allows players to create wearables by smelting unwanted items and combining them with new materials.
• The upgrade is meant to tokenize the different economic values of wearables and introduce deflationary mechanics.

Aavegotchi Launches ‘Forge’ Upgrade

Aavegotchi, an open-source NFT gaming protocol, has announced the launch of its new Forge upgrade in order to increase engagement with wearables. The AavegotchiDAO voted Monday in favor of launching the Forge which focuses on improving the wearables market.

What Is The Forge?

The Forge is a new upgrade dedicated to improving Aavegotchi’s wearables market by introducing greater diversity and utility. This will be done by tokenizing the different economic values of wearables, allowing for granular control over inflation and deflationary mechanics while still creating new content. Players can also create their own unique wearables by smelting existing ones and recombining them with other materials, adding composability to protocol assets.

Motivation Behind Proposal

The motivation behind this proposal comes from a consistent reduction in secondary market value and sales volumes of existing wearables. This prompted creators of the proposal to introduce a more engaging way for users to interact with these assets through increased composability and deflational mechanisms such as melting excess items into more valuable ones.

What Are Wearables?

Wearables are foundational assets within the Aavegotchi protocol which give each NFT ghost a fashionable outfit that directly influences their value and rarity within the game’s metaverse. They have three attributes – collateral stake, traits, and wearable – that dictate their worth in comparison to other Aavegottis on chain.


By introducing The Forge upgrade, Aavegotchis will experience improved usability when it comes to managing their non-fungible tokens within the protocols metaverse while also encouraging further interaction between users via meltable assets that are capable of increasing in value over time through deflationary mechanics built into its design structure..

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