Bitcoin-dominantie bij 4 maanden hoog als totale marktcapwinsten $17 miljard (Market Watch)

De dominantie van Bitcoin is tot het hoogste niveau gestegen sinds juni 2020, omdat de prijs een nieuw record ziet ten noorden van 14.500 dollar. Een andere etappe bracht Bitcoin naar een nieuw jaarlijks hoogtepunt van meer dan $14.500. De meeste alternatieve munten werden achtergelaten en de dominantie van BTC over de markt is verder […]

Bitcoin, the programmable currency revolution: Discreet Log Contracts and their implications

These two keyboard wizards are working together at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) under the Digital Coin Initiative. It was at one of the events organized by this branch of MIT in 2018 to explore second layer solutions that the two developers presented their project for the first time. The challenges of smart contracts They […]

US authorities to lower threshold for obtaining information on transactions

If the new provision is implemented, crypto exchanges would have to manage a lot of sensitive user data, which would mean further risks. The US Financial Crime Enforcement Agency (FinCEN) and the US Federal Reserve (Fed) have drastically lowered the threshold for obtaining information on transactions. According to an announcement published on Friday, the two […]

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