• Cryptocurrency has been increasingly targeted by regulators and politicians.
• The asset itself should be the target of bad actors, not crypto.
• Speculative interest drew many people to crypto initially.

Crypto Under Fire from Regulators

Cryptocurrency has been increasingly targeted by regulators and politicians, with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) recently tweeting about building an “anti-crypto army”. CoinDesk has posted two editorials regarding the federal government’s crackdown on crypto and the Biden administration’s politicizing of it, while many in the industry have voiced their belief that bad actors, not the asset, should be the target.

Draw of Crypto

The draw of cryptocurrency for many is speculative interest. While speculation may have negative connotations for some, no one purposefully invests capital expecting a decrease in value. As such, understanding why layer 1 protocols are valuable is key for investors looking to make informed decisions about where to place their funds.

Importance of Layer 1 Protocols

Layer 1 protocols are important because they act as a foundation for other applications built on top of them. These protocols act as consensus mechanisms that work to ensure security and trust across networks – something which is absolutely integral when dealing with digital assets like cryptocurrencies. As such, understanding how these protocols work can help investors better understand how different projects match up against each other and how secure their investments will be in the long run.

Risk vs Reward

Investing in any asset carries risk; however, understanding what you’re investing in can help investors make better decisions when it comes to managing those risks versus seeking out rewards. Understanding layer 1 protocols can help investors weigh up potential benefits against potential pitfalls associated with each project they may invest in before making a decision – helping them achieve better returns over time with less risk involved.


In conclusion, understanding layer 1 protocols before making an investment decision is essential for all crypto investors who want to maximize their returns while minimizing risk in the long term – something which can only be achieved through careful research into how these protocols work and what benefits they offer over other projects or technologies available on the market today.

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