• TS Imagine, a trading service provider for institutional investors, is partnering with Crypto Finance, a unit of Deutsche Boerse, to bolster its crypto trading capabilities.
• The aim of Crypto Finance is to provide financial institutions with the sophistication and regulatory oversight that they would be used to in traditional finance.
• Crypto Finance recently joined forces with Apex Group to offer institutional-grade crypto products.

TS Imagine Teams Up With Crypto Finance

TS Imagine, a trading services provider for institutional clients, has teamed up with Crypto Finance – a unit of Deutsche Boerse – to enhance its digital asset capabilities. Both companies are looking to offer sophisticated and regulated crypto investment services to financial institutions.

Crypto Finance’s Aim

Crypto Finance aims to provide financial institutions with the same level of sophistication and regulatory oversight that they would be used to in traditional finance. To this end, it recently partnered with Apex Group – an international financial services firm – to offer institutional-grade cryptocurrency products.

Advantages For Institutional Investors

The partnership between TS Imagine and Crypto Finance could give institutional investors access to deeper liquid connection networks which allow them exposure into the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies. This could potentially open up more opportunities for these investors as the cryptocurrency market continues to grow and evolve.

Commitment To Meeting Client Needs

Alexandre Carteau, Head of Digital Assets at TS Imagine commented on the partnership saying “Adding Crypto Finance as a regulated crypto destination for our clients demonstrates our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our institutional clients”. He went on to emphasize how important it was for such investors to have access these types of services in order stay ahead in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

PostFinance Also Offering Cryptocurrency Services

It seems that other companies are also offering similar services as Swiss government-owned bank PostFinance announced back in April 2021 that it would start providing customers access cryptocurrency investments through its platform following approval from local regulators.

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